Domestic Companion

Just Enough Personal Assistance

Some seniors can stay at home if they just have some help is specific areas affected by their limitations or disabilities.  They do not require a caregiver, per se.  Instead, what they prefer is a conscientious, alert companion who builds their confidence, keeps a watchful eye, and fills in where and when needed.

Our Domestic Companion program provides an experienced, personal assistant who knows when to allow a senior to do for themselves and when to offer assistance. Common responsibilities include:

  • Helping Around The House & With Chores
  • Running Errands
  • Shopping With (Or For) A Senior
  • Driving To Appointments & Social Commitments
  • Assisting With (Or Preparing) Delicious Meals
  • Keeping Company During A Hospital/Facility Stay
  • And We Do The Laundry Too!!!