Culinary Companions

Seniors Should Enjoy Mealtimes

Our Culinary Companions® are trained to prepare tasty meals for seniors, as well as make the process a positive experience. In addition to addressing the need to satisfy one’s hunger and supplying the nutrition necessary to support good health, our Companions design mealtimes to:

  • Provide a feeling of familiarity – “comfort food”.
  • Fill a home with pleasant aromas that stimulate appetite.
  • Encourage good feelings, provide social interaction, and hopefully even bring back fond memories.

Why An Elder May Not Be Eating Properly

You may notice that your senior loved one avoids eating, has lost their appetite and/or is not eating properly. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

  • Decreased Sense Of Taste/Smell – Often a part of aging, this can take some of the joy out of eating by making foods seem bland.
  • Tendancy To Be Frugal – This generation has experienced depression, wars and rationing. Plus, they remember when food bills were much smaller. So many seniors have a tendency to skimp, even when it is not necessary or in there overall best interest.
  • Personal Limitations – Preparing meals can be overwhelming (and even scary) to those who can no longer reach a cabinet, grip a pan handle safely, or see clearly what they are cutting with a knife.
  • Reactions To Foods – Eating may be avoided if it results in discomfort due to acidity, allergies and other imbalances.
  • Chewing &/Or Swallowing Problems – Eating may be avoided if it hurts to eat. Gum problems and dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) are common among seniors.
  • Loneliness – Many seniors no longer have a special someone to cook for, or to share a meal with.